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TUAEUC digest 11/01/08

Lobby your MP on February 27 and tell them you want a referendum

A continuous public meeting will be running throughout the day for people to come to after they have finished meeting their MP. It will be held in the William Sangster Room, 2nd floor, Westminster Central Hall until 7pm. When they arrive people should join the queue outside Parliament. Organisers will give out lobby guides saying what will happen, including suggested questions, stickers etc.

The lobby is organised by Democracy Movement, Open Europe and Trade Unionists Against the EU Constitution.

Find out whether your MP is going to honour their election promise to support a referendum on the EU Constitution - now being revived as the re-named ' Lisbon ' treaty.


Parliamentary ratification of Treaty a "puppet show"

A comment piece on the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in the UK on UPI notes that "The parliamentary 'debate' is a puppet show. Neither a line nor a word of the treaty text can be changed, and Labor members of Parliament are being 'whipped' to vote in favor. More than 50 Labor MPs have called for a referendum and are being ignored. The debate has also been limited to 12 days by the government, despite promises that MPs would be able 'to scrutinize the text line by line.' It argues that "Part of the problem, which is being highlighted by the industrious researchers of the very active Open Europe think tank, is that MPs and the British public are starting to realize that the Lisbon Treaty is a blank check. The treaty gives broad powers to the EU without specifying them, including the authority of the proposed new EU president and the new foreign minister and the size, budget and authority of his new EU diplomatic service. Cooperation in EU defense is mandated, but its extent is left vague. Nor has it yet been spelled out what extra powers should be handed to Europol, the EU police force, and to Eurojust, the EU prosecution service."


Brussels orders France and Italy to cut public spending

The European Commission has sent a warning to France, Italy, Romania and Slovakia over their spending plans for the coming years, with an extra heap of criticism for Paris and Rome for their reluctance to sign up to an EU-wide goal of fully slashing public deficit by 2010.

Eight member states criticise EU energy privatisation plans

Eight member states have written to the European Commission to complain about its plans to split the bloc's energy giants to increase competition.

Belgian police drop case against EU journalist

The Belgian police have said they will return almost a thousand pages of documents to a former Brussels journalist, ending a years-long saga that was judged a violation of freedom of expression by the European Court of Human Rights.

  TUAEUC has produced a new pamphlet outlining why trade unionists should demand a referendum on the renamed EU Constitution. It has also produced a document arguing the democratic case against the EU Constitution and copies of both are available free on request